Dynasty Warriors: Chaos Of The Three Kingdoms

by Xioshen
Choose your kingdom and help them to Total Conquest!!!
Heres what I have or am working on so far:

/\Kingdoms (Leaders)/\
Shu (Liu Bei)
Wu (Sun Jian)
Wei (Cao Cao)
Rebel (Dong Zhou/Lu Bu)
Nanman (Meng Ho)

Ice - Freezes for 5 sec.
Lightning - +Damage and Stuns for 3 sec.
Blast - +Damage
Vorpal - Longer Charge Attack
Poison - +Damage (More then Blast but uneffective on Nanman)
Fire - +Damage

Red Hare - Fastest Horse
Shadow - (To be desided)
Storm - +Defense and +Attack when mounted
Hex Mark - +Life when mounted
Elephant - Learn Move "Ram" when mounted

Meat Bun - Life +50
Meat Bunx2 - Life +100
Meat - Life +200
Whole Chicken - Full Life
Wine - Full Musou
Ointment - Full Life/Full Musou
Quiver - +10 Arrows

/\Special Items/\
Dim Sum - +10 MAX Life
Musou Wine - +10 MAX Musou

More to come soon!!!