by D-Cire
A FTP fantasy MORPG based on medieval times.
I told you months ago i was going to be using the basis of Faymoor and its artwork due to me being the original programmer and you going A-wall on me, you never had any objections. I could bring up the page logs. As for the chat box i changed a few things with it that seems to have caused some errors when transfering it to my old PC, odds are i dont have a few updated forms of F_A's libraries. The inventory's system i completely rewrote keeping the layout the same, and i changed the majority of the interface.

As for being generally unimpressed, its called Alpha for a reason. Nor have i ever said im the best at anything involving programming. I have my faults and i do try and fix them.

If youd wish to continue the discussion page me, don't clutter the about section.
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MaGicBush wrote:
Well the background graphics at the login in screen look good, but it's either very laggy or you can't login to the actual game yet? I try to click on Human or the orc and nothing happens for a good 10 seconds, then when trying to pick magic nothing ever seems to happen. So then I tried clicking on Finish and nothing happens.

Seems the server's up-time caused the CPU usage to skyrocket, i most likely have an infinite loop somewhere that i havent fixed. Ill look into it before putting the server back up.
I could help with the interface if you need. Maybe a little turf art too.
I'd love to have help with the Turf Art. However id prefer to go about Interfaces and such myself. It's a learning experience for me. :)

Add me on MSN or Contact me Via Pager - [email protected]
Byond needs more games of this genre. I look forward to what you come up with. Please let us know if there will be any beta hosted stages, or upcoming times when it will be hosted.Thanks!

@Penguin - Ill try to keep a 24/7 alpha stage up when i get to a stable release.

@Sanox2u - Thank you! I'll be happy to let you know, but first i need to fix the current bugs that ive have encountered :P
Sorry for the late reply didn't notice you replayed to my comment, how bout you add my msn I'm lazy [email protected]
Is that new base from a Bleach game? It looks familiar, I kinda like the old base better.
The new base is complements of Zane444, it was originally planned to be used in Bleach Evolution before the game was canceled.

Id have loved to use the old base and it would have been a million times easier to work with seeing as now i have to work with a lot more pixel offsets and such, but GreatFisher requested an overhaul during his rage fit. Id rather not upset anyone while working on the game so i was happy to change it with Zane's permission to use the artwork.
I have this base and the animations aren't... well top of the line stuff so to speak. That's just my honest opinion.
It's better than any base i could make personally. It's animations are fine with me currently. The game isn't even in a releasable version therefore its subject to change.

You seem to be the only one who has a problem with it's current base, why is that?
Cause if I weren't nice, I'd say it sucks, also it's on Icon Share.
Again, why are you the only person who has a problem with me using said base? I see it as fine, so do a majority of others. Not to mention you really have no say in anything involved in the game since you have no part in it. Normally id take what you say into consideration, but your acting ignorant. Which is sad when, from the art ive seen from you, this base looks and animates nearly ten time better.

Why would the base being on Icon Share bother me? The base has been a free resource for months. So has the rest of the art. I simply thanked Zane for making it like ive said in the thread that explains the revamp. I never once stated im using art no one else has. A game isnt completely about using art no one else has. Go look at games like Zenonia which use some of the graphics from Pokemon yet made thousands of dollars via Apple's app store. Same could go for games that use retro art.

On top of that im working on this game alone. Im in no way a pixel artist even though im attempting to learn. So thats even more reason as to why im happy with this base.
Still working on this?
I have the source for this still but I lost all my design docs(I guess it was idiotic to keep them in different folders). So this game is currently on a temporary halt.

However I do have another project that will function better than this after that. As well as plans and design docs for two following projects after that. Release dates will vary depending on school/work considering I'm working as a one man team. Lol.
<-- ImmeasurableHate btw lol but was looking forward to this but I'll also be looking forward to your new project as well :D.
I figured by your display pic. What made you change accounts? Lol
Teka didn't like my key name lol.
Roflmao. But that key is from like 06. Was that your original key?
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