Naruto: Next Generation

by Sstrunks9999
Naruto: Next Generation
The Original NNG
Hard to say.
why is that
Not trying to pressure you guys or anything but why not keep the server up while you update. Do you not have a host? I'm thirsty af for a naruto game rn. lol
At least you didn't have dreams about this......multiple times.
About what?
In response to Blue7x
About the game, dreams as when you sleep.
what happened to nng
pls Put This Game Back up
Just checking if you are alive Dante.

When you think about it online friends can die and you wouldn't know about it because they will never log in to tell you...
In response to Ohadx
Might have been 2edgy4you.
Plz put back up
Can u put this game back up pls
I miss you guys, too. :P it will be back soon.
In response to SinfulPhoenix
You're alive, nice.
Soon how soon ?
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