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Applies to:DM Language
Status: Open

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An item of great usefulness would be a control in the skin editor for making drop down lists of items. There should be an option to allow the user to type in a custom value instead of just choosing from the list. Whether or not icons could be a part of the list (like grids) is another suggestion.

There is nothing in DM currently that can adequately do what drop down lists do. They provide a very small item on the interface that drops down to provide a list intuitively that just makes other methods feel clunky.

Since it is possible to create a drop down list in a browser control, one could try to implement it that way. However, this requires a little knowledge of HTML and Javascript, and the standard DM user shouldn't be required to learn outside languages. Not to mention, it will also require you to route everything through Topic links which has its own security problems that you have to deal with.

There is a drop down list on the very form I am filling out this feature request with.
I strongly support this. I have been making buttons instead of drop down list because they werent available. Hope this gets put into DM.
Drop down list
List boxes
Combo boxes
They all need to be added. I think this has actually been request before. it'd probably work a lot better than

What ever happened to this?
we need dropdown menus,list/scroll menus as addons for interface we got everything else why not these i don't wanna have to make a browser just to have em when you dont have to when buttons got em already
Surprised this is still open o_O

Would be a neat addition to the skin if possible. Perhaps a late 514 or early 515 feature?