Naruto Shensei Arashi

by B-mut
The Continuation of Jinketsu!
can the person who host the servel plz come on it
we need talk about something on server
Can someone gimme Naruto Rogue source or another Naruto source really need it and when the hell is Naruto Shensei Arashi coming back up, i hope there is gonna be a wipe xD
is it actually coming back? 2days late now
I can host 24/7 if that's the problem. Just want one of the good Jinketsu sources back on byond. Very few good games left and this is one.
anyone know a good ETA of when its coming back? Miss this game it was soo badass
;p hello boys
Uhm i can Map if anyone wantes me to i'd like to map for this game b-mut or any other moderaters could reply that would be good but i wont be getting my computer until chrismas so please wait for me. Byond Key: Allington123 In-Game name: Savage
Right now, the game that is online is just a backup until NSA 2.0 is released. NSA 2.0 should be released sometime next year.
Ok thanks, so do you want me to map for you guys??
when will the game be online? I used to play it a lot and I wanted to play it again,but the server is down :( any information on this? thanks :)
So Reynock can i map for you guys because i would really like to i played this game in the past but it went down and Ive been waiting on it ever since Ive just been playing games similar to this.
And if you would give me the source i could help alot ill even pay for it when i get my computer back :).
In response to SHANS
The game will be back April 18th. We've been working on a complete revamp but we will be finish by then. There will be closed testing in March if you're interested head over to the forums and take a look.
In response to Allington123
We're still working on this project. The release date is set for April 18th. Why April? Well, we're very busy with school so we don't get much free time these days to work on it. Save the date though. And I contacted you on the pager about mapping but you never responded.
In response to Shawn265
Well I don't have my CPU right now but IMA get it soon I'm using my phone right now OK just talk on this
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