Dragon ballz:Saiyen Oblivion

by Lilmangee
Dragon ballz:Saiyen Oblivion
Cool lvling Game Nice gm's Froums if you want to be gm.

Welcome to Dragonballz Saiyen Oblivion
Thes is a newly Dbz based game.All gm's are very friendly and if u need help ask them and thell be there to help.
If u need gm apply on the froums.

1)No Spamming cought doing so if automatic mute.

2)No curseing Children play thes game (auto mute)

3)Dont keep killing noobs Theyll start to tell and make gms mad (a talking to)
Gm Rulez

1)No abuseing

2)no summoning dragon ballz more then twice

3)dont beg for promotions
Thank you

And play DraognBallz:Saiyen Oblivion!