Acid Rain

by Lethal Dragon
Acid Rain
Dodge gigantic drops of pure acid rain! Or suffer the same fate as unlucky bacteria...
This is a game of skill, namely the ability to dodge by keeping pace with an endless army of overwhelmingly acidic rain droplets toppling from the sky. Dodge by swaying to the left or right to avoid being hit. Although there is a vast amount of possible settings, entry into the score board is accepted only when the player completes a game on default settings. The more rain drops successfully dodged, the higher the score will become. Try to beat your friends, your enemies or your own score to be ranked among the top players!

Ranks (Rank / High score Required):

Recruit / 0
Private / 100
Corporal / 500
Sergeant / 1000
Lieutenant / 1500
Captain / 2000
Major / 3000
Colonel / 4000
General Grade 1 / 6000
General Grade 2 / 8000
General Grade 3 / 10000
General Grade 4 / 12000

* On a quick and stable machine, Dream Seeker, by itself, is typically best for solo runs. It is highly recommended that this game be hosted in Dream Daemon since it is more compatible with the latest "hack-proof" system. A Dream Seeker host is more liable to slow down the game, which, when playing on default settings, is recognized as a form of hacking. In the case that hacking is detected, the game ends forcefully. In addition, a solid connection to the Internet should be established so that the server can send high scores to the hub.
I'd like to know if this is discontinued or not.
ACID RAAAAAIN SOME STAY DRY AND OTHERS FEEL THE PAIN. -Please note this was not a tay zonday cosplay attempt.-
Very very bland. Wouldn't play it again.
ok can some one host this game i try to host but allways is to slow and is imposible to play
Love the game, reminds me of The Sky Is Falling :)
wut u talkin bout this game is awesome :P when it doesnt lag
Oasiscircle wrote:
Very very bland. Wouldn't play it again.

wut u talking about this game is awesome:P when it doesntlag
Very nice homage to The Sky is Falling. Keeps the idea of gaming short and simple, yet addictive. Wonderful.
ima host this once in a while ;)
a little bit of gameplay and im on the 1st page of top players ;)
my score on mental steed is 1087 and is not even close of Lethal Dragon score on that mode my conclusion Lethal Dragon is GOD!
Hey Guys, there is an old school DBZ game completely polished, original game play and graphics, fresh wipe just started. Check it out if your interested. byond://
LD, if you ever get back on BYOND know that my MSN got hacked a year ago which is why I haven't been on since forever.
I've been trying to play this game for nostalgia's sake but alas I cant download it, likely abandon-ware but if anyone sees this and has a solution I'd appreciate it

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