Naruto: Uchiha's Miraculous Return

by Deathro
Deathro's newest and more permanent Naruto Game.

Greetings, friends. This is my most recent, and newest Naruto Game that I'm going to actually spend some time on! Wow! My last few games have not been much of a success for me meaning I wasn't known through-out byond much. I'm known for my Bleach Rise of the Quincy and Naruto Unforgiving Shinobi.

-.-.-THIS IS A RIP-.-.- I credit Rynio Uzumaki with all of the coding/icconing/mapping that I haven't done myself.

I am fairy fair with rules, and I do not have many.

1. Do Not Multiclan
2. Respect Everyone.
3. Keep swearing to a minimm
4. Do not advertise.
5. No subtle advertising
6. Do not kill players below Genin
7. Do not abuse any bugged ability, or any player.
8. Do not impersonate gms.
9. Savantos Stormare can add any new rules he sees fit whenever he wants.
Moderator Rules:

Same rules apply above, but do not abuse your powers. Common sense applies.

Raikage: Savantos Stormare

Akatsuki Leader:
Akatsuki Co:
Akatsuki 1.
Akatsuki 2.
Akatsuki 3.
Akatsuki 4.
Akatsuki 5.
Akatsuki 6.
Akatsuki 7.
Akatsuki 8.
Akatsuki 9.
Akatsuki 10.

Sound Org Leader:

Hebi leader

--By entering this game you are here-by agreeing to all the rules and that rule that I, Deathro can edit and create any rules that he sees fit--