by Acebloke
You've played Zombie rush defence games, but you haven't played this!
COUNT UP TO 8,000,000,000!

2021 Update includes new population data for this year, the first time in 10 years! Also controller support included, and some extra features for the local map setting (effects zombies coming towards you, and allows you to see where they are). Subscribers get a new feature to randomise this mini-local map for varied gameplay.

Ok so you've played Flash games of rushing Zombies to shoot down, and you've played Resident Evil styled Zombie games on BYOND, but you haven't played this!

SurviveThis! is a mix of strategy and skill. It takes traditional Flash Zombie rush styled games, and multiplayers it. Running out of food? ammo? Better organise yourselves to spread out the jobs. Don't get too greedy looking for new weapons for yourself or the whole group will suffer.

ST! Battle system allows you to easily target Zombies by aiming for their head (triple damage - z key), body (weaken Zombie attacks - x key) and legs (slower movement when crippled - c key). And when they do get to the barrier, save your ammo and batter them with your bat (v key).

Additional features in Alpha3 and Beta1 include fixing barricades next to you (b key) with scrap, and firing full-automatic weapons (a key). Also lay or reset traps (s key) to bite those Zombies in the leg with some metal!

Subscribe for just $5.00 for life, and get extra features!

Current Features:

Randomiser for Local Map
Recognition at Login
18 Unique Weapons
17 Special Character features
3 Special Job titles with pros and cons:
* Builder
* Scavenger
* Trapper
14 exclusive year options
Total kills listed on hubpage
9 Medals available
Access to ST: Machine Holocaust

Final Release? is here!
Good game, needs a little optimisation but it's a really good game.

Good work.
Please either start the game maximized or position it at 0,0 when the game starts.
Ah is it starting in silly places?

I'll probably code it in then.
Beta2 Update:

Lag _might_ be my location when I host, sorry. It may improve later if its down to my ISP.

There is a small chance that the game doesn't regenerate the barrels randomly (ie: blocking the barricade). If this happens then message me and I'll reboot the server.
Sorrryyyy I forgot, I'll make an update early tomorrow with it, I got one or two other things I need to do as well.
New update out for 2011! Includes some major balancing and other new features. You can also view a world map and local map during the game and its progress through the Zombie Apocalypse.
Icons seem abit to weird, other than that it's alright
The icons are a little bit primitive but I understand since the coding itself adds great depth to the game itself, I just want someone else to help me survive.

I'm intending to update the graphics at a later date, its more about getting the systems in place first. The last update started on a local map and the next update (should be soon, thanks to some people Subscribing) should develop this further.

After this weekend I might be able to host a server, so we might get a chance for some group play.