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Some sort of way to see the stats of the items that you get to choose as a reward to some quests. At least two quests give a couple of weapons as a reward but with no way of knowing their stats or what is better for your class.
Is there any weapon that give an unexpected stat? They should give stats based on their weapon type, so there's no surprises, and your also limited to what you can use.
I forget the quest that i just finished, but the choices were out of like maces and an axe. So i just chose the axe and it gave agi. I wasn't able to determine which one gave str.
In response to Sanox2u
It is true that all weapons of the same type give the same stat type. All battle axes for example give agility, and so we recomend sticking with the weapons your class can use. Swords are also a safe choice as they can be used by all melee classes (not Mage or Priests) and give Strength, something all of the included classes can appreciate.
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yea i usually aimed for sword but in that quest reward i do not remember seeing a sword option. It would have helped to have any kind of way to see stats next to the weapon choices, maybe when selecting their name it could just be in parenthesis next to it, etc. Just making a suggestion.