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Feature potentially added in the future.
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Perhaps a new window with several skill choices that you can select, perhaps getting a point every level starting at level 10+. These skills could consist of small increments, most likely percentage based, to be applied to class choices like increased heals for priest or more hp or armor to the tank classes(warrior and paladin).

Perhaps a few different lines to provide some difference between players of the same class. Many games have a system like this, wow has talents and everquest has AA's.
Good point, we have noticed this in other beloved rpgs. Personally I think this is something to potentially be added later in the game, after stronger balance has been struck between the classes and as a goal to obtain at higher levels in the game. (If i recall AA points, and some similar point systems from early WoW, were things you worked toward when you had already reached the level cap)

Either way, as I see it I won't rule a skill tree out. But I think it would be a level of complexity that will have to come after the things we already have planned for the game. I really do like the idea of two Priests not being exactly alike tho. Thanks for the suggestion!
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Feature potentially added in the future.
My pleasure, i'm excited to advance and make one of the greatest games i've played on byond even better. AA's in everquest were something towards the end, while talents in WoW started right at the beginning and gave the player 1 point every couple of levels to define the character as you built them.Alot of times this can actually be used to balance the characters, like making the warriors be able to have an edge in hp for tanking etc but yea like i had meant to originally post, i was just throwing ideas out for the future.Thanks for listening!