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Perhaps add new gear with some sort of new stat that lowers damage in pvp, such as resilience, or just lower all damage when used on real players by a certain percentage that way pvp can be fun.

Also some skills are a bit too much for pvp like the level 20 priest skill.
A few different skills need looking over, I don't know about pvp specific gear. It seems no different then adding strong gear, because if you're fighting pvp, you'll always go for pvp gear over pve gear. Maybe Asha would be interested in it though.
For now we don't plan on offering pvp specific gear, though I won't rule it out. Black metal armor made into a set could look cool.

Perhaps players can be made immune to the 'desperation' spells of each class. These spells effectively roll the dice on a finishing move that does seem rather overkill in pvp.

My question is, are you saying PvP battles are too quickly decided? Are pvp battles too short because of the 'desperation' spells or just shorter in general than battling npc enemies?
I think they are a bit too quick, and if more people start to get involved it definitely will be, then again i've always been a fan of slower pvp kills and having more time to really put skills to the test.The main thing making it so fast though are the desperation spells, as you call them. Priests nearly one shotting everything is absurd.

Also even if you don't wish to add a new stat for pvp, you could still offer pvp armor that is just something with a new style, perhaps earned by some sort of victory points from the sky arena, etc. Just a thought, not really sure how much wiggle room you have with the graphics and design but anytime you can earn and win stuff from pvp, it encourages it more. Maybe even new mounts etc.

The only other problem with pvp is form melee classes getting a chance to actually be worthwhile, but perhaps that is for another thread.
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