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Perhaps a new npc could be added to inns' that provide the option to stay the night and rest for a fee of gold.This would not be instant, perhaps showing a rest scene or something, then giving the player his hp and mp back.

This gives the inn a use and provides another way to take gold out of the economy.
As of now, the evil town doesn't have an Inn. I wouldn't mind this feature, but if your in town you can safely heal up with food.
Oh i could have sworn they did but i didn't spend long there, lol.
Pirate's Cove has a Pub but technically not an inn. I don't mind the idea but in practice I feel that eating, combined with time spent doing things in town like shopping and fixing your armor will give the player time to 'heal over time'. We are also going to add more healthy food to eat!

I view the Pubs and Inns of the Everland world as places to pick up quests, and plan to tie more quests to these patrons in the future.
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