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This is never a popular subject, and nearly all players hate when i bring it up but at the moment death is barely an inconvenience and i think perhaps it should be more punishing and therefore something to avoid at all costs.

Perhaps items that aren't equipped or gold could have a chance to drop,break, and or destroy.This would promote using the bank to deposite gold more.

Another route is a loss of exp or a temporary stat debuff.
I agree that death is a little light, maybe losing some gold and doing more equipment damage would be fine. I'm usually not one to punish players too much, but bank does need more use, and as of now equipment damage is very minor on death compared to battling over time.
I think we will give more damage to armor upon death, and probably increase prices for fixing armor some.

As the Bank system becomes more robust we might give chance of further calamity like loosing portions of large stacked items (promoting bank use) and I think we might Eventually let players loot one chosen item from a killed player after pvp battle.
Sounds like steps in the right direction.Greater risk always equals greater reward.If you are in fact a fan of everquest, i'm sure you realize one of the things that always made it fun was the challenge, with games like WoW and beyond they took that away and made things forever easy.

Also i recommend not letting equipped items drop, as that could cause problems, but instead just items from the bag.
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