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Well I don't really know how this has happened, but I've been playing Everland for a while. Until one day, I just realized my character has negative armor (at -48), when I removed all my copper armor. When I put my copper armor back on, the armor goes back to 0.

Though, when you're a newbie, you start off with 0 armor, not -48.

So somehow my character's armor is at -48, but I don't really know what might have caused this, but this character has been on for Everland for quite a while. The in game name is Alice, a paladin.

Please help :)
i am a newbie
I can throw something in to auto fix it when you unequip your things, I'm not sure what caused it, but I'll look into it.
Ok :)

After my defense goes back to normal :D I can train again :)