Saints Row: Gang wars

by ATXplaya
Saints Row: Gang wars
new game test run
I was thinking of doing this kind of game so ya. Not all my icons, idk so dont get on can cry about it, if you dont like it then get the off. Anyway based off off the xbox360 game saints row 1 and 2. Pretty much you can make your own gang, once your game is big, you will be put on the hub and on the map to show which gang run that zone. With in that gang you can give out ranks what what not.

There are couple of extra stuff, one thing i call Battle for the city. anyone that wants to joy in the game, it will be a copy of the map but it will have guns everywhere. all we do is go around killing each other.

There is alot more in the game, its about 40% done right, if you want it in on the game my msn is [email protected] " dont just ask to be gm, looking for people how can icon and code; mainly icon.

also gm will be the cops on the game, they can send u to jail if you act up, so dont get cought lol.

Owner: Sugun
Co-Owner: Blade