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I just put this up so anyone could suggest to developers still on the drawing board what people would like to see.

My idea was a Half Life game like Black Mesa (I call it Half Life: Black Mesa) and it could be similar to Space Station 13 but of course in the facility. Then we could visit Xen and research the Crystals there, maybe even starting the Resonance Cascade :D

Anyone got any other game ideas feel free to post below.
How original would be to create another game with Space Station 13's style? I mean, it lacks creativity, and I really doubt you know what BYOND Players are looking for, maybe you think we all love that game because it has a decent playerbase, but any game can compete well in BYOND if it's well advertised and interesting.
part of that ss13's playebase are from 4chan, /v/ and /vg/
I was thinking of SS13 style in research but I was mainly thinking of aliens. besides you dont have to be a dick eternal, unless thats your style.