by Asha_LaPoe
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Not Feasible
Applies to:Everland
Status: Not Feasible

Implementing this feature is not possible now or in the foreseeable future
Perhaps some sort of new skill that allows you to choose how much gold you wish to spend. It's purpose to try and bribe enemy vendors to sell to you despite your race.

Also another good method to drain excess money from the world.

Especially useful if one side ever gets specific items, perhaps things for looks, that the other does not get.
I might eventually add a charisma stat along with a bartering ability akin to Oblivion. But then again I might not, since the next big step is to add an Auction House. I would hope trading among players would become more prominent then, making vendors less important. Also as it stands there are guards in most houses, making it difficult to buy from vendors of another faction. A decent idea, but I gotta pass it up for the time being.
Asha_LaPoe resolved issue (Not Feasible)
No problem, just throwing all sorts of ideas out there lol. They had a begging skill in the first stages of everquest that eventually faded out too. I just thought of it as i was exploring the "evil" side and their second village area was safe to travel.

An auction house sounds great, if mobs were to ever drop items and weapons in the future it would get really fun. Especially if we had some rare mob spawns with highly sought after items.