I just updated my arcade action homage, Wrangle Warp And Weep.

First off, there were some start screen issues that were bothering me. Now that I can use wide tabs, I've decided to hide some of the options. I also made the important buttons stand out with saturation differences.

Old => New

Jeff8500 commented on slowdown when a large amount of strays are collected. It was suggested that I add an option to mess with tick_lag, but that's not likely to happen because it would make the playing field uneven. Instead, I've added an option to turn off some effects. (Strays send stray-shaped missiles to whatever collects them.) Hopefully it will help.

I also think that I finally found a workaround for a bug that IainPeregrine reported. After finishing one game and starting another, wranglers would sometimes be forced to immediately warp past the first level. I believe this has something to do with an old warp affecting the new game, but I've had trouble pinpointing why such a warp even exists. Warps are now paused whenever a wrangler explodes (or performs an emergency jump). It's a bit less animation on a death screen, but the warps shouldn't even affect their own level anymore.