As some of you may know I am making my own Naruto game and I finally feel like it's time to actually show a little preview.

Due to the size of the Interface: watermaks.png

It's Naruto: Ultimate Showdown's Interface made by Yoyo Unix. If you want to find out more about the game feel free to post and if you need an Interface, I can get you that too.

The Team will be annouced soon.
I don't even like Naruto, but I'll yea to that hawt interface.
Aside one on the ventrillo server, The interface, looks kind of pretty color wise, you could probably re-arrange some things...
I can get the color changed anytime. This is what Yoyo chose so, I'm going to go with it. I can always change where things are to begin with. I'm just trying to show people something in my game so they don't think it's not in development.