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ello mate... glad to be back on byond
MAv can i get edit on naruto goa? pls
Mav alot of pple i invited but they left cuz no edit
Ss4gogeta0 wrote:
ello mate... glad to be back on byond

Welcome Back :)

Dude why are i banned on your server from worlds strongest? i didnt do anything bad
Hi, i wanted to ask if is there any way that u can give me naruto goa files so that i can host too...
Host a chuunin on goa unlimited we got 20 players
Sup bro it's meh Agrippec
Yo Bro when game will be online ? N:Goa Unlimited
hey..can you send me the host files of this naruto unlimited??? i want to host :D
yo if u got a Shell Server hit me up at [email protected]
man i ahve some source that cna improve your game tell em somehing [email protected]
Cant Save on GOA Naruto
SaiTabio wrote:
Cant Save on GOA Naruto

fail >.>
When Server Online ? i wait and wait
wtf!!! why server offline?
Me Hyuuga 148 back ???
name Hyuuga Reita
hey i can host for you lagless
hey Marvin how u doin?
hows Football?
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