So, progress on the RTS I am making is coming along pretty well.

I have all the basic controls and interface set up.
Matchmaking is more or less finished, except for winning a match, which I cannot entirely implement until all buildings are finished.

Buildings are nearly finished. All the buildings are coded in, and can be built and upgraded. Some buildings have effects, but more complex effects are not done yet.

I have also made a start on things like combat. Actually, it is more or less done, except for skills, abilities and combat effects.

I have also finished one map ( small shot of it).
It is a fairly simple 4 team map.
I intend on adding at least 2 maps per game size (2 team, 3 teams and 4 teams) to the game before release.

I have also done a good amount of needed graphics.

I have done 12 of the unit graphics.
From top left to right is Murderer, Cleric (below), Alchemist, Assassin, Ninja, Defender (below), Viking, Fencer, Dragon Tamer (and dragon next to him), Prophet (above), Huntsman and Warlock (above).

That is nearly half of the unit graphics done.
I will most likely add a larger variety of turfs to the game too.

If I keep up work at the rate I am going. I'll most likely have something playable within a week.

The annoying part will be writing huge walls of text for each unit, building and ability and what they do.