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Exploder has been updated. It is not a lot different, other than the fact that it has a much better interface than before. Its still not perfect, but that is for 10.0, which I intend to rename v1.0. I've wanted to update this, largely to fulfil concerns about my last update, and more importantly to get the automatic Elo rating out. I've tested it, and it seems to work ok, although we'll need to get some players into the game in order to make sure it works as intended. You can also change your "nationality" ingame as I think I mentioned before in a previous post about this release, via the "file" menu. I think I've included them all, plus one or two extras, if you think your nationality (particularly if you live or consider yourself a national of a contested area :p) isn't there, I'm willing to add it in a future release.

Other than that, there isn't much to it. I would like my next update with this game to be something like a final update. By this, I probably don't really mean final, but definitely to polish the game and add in any extra game types or features that I wanted.

Please, try it out, enjoy it, see if anything is broke. I've also gone to the trouble of adding a banner and a screenshot, seeing as those things seem to be necessary for games to be paraded around the auto-bots of the website. Exploder is my only game that is a "favourite" of an official BYOND guild, and I hope its there for good reason.

Wargames will be next!

9.9 Changes:

1) Interface changed to black layout.
2) Interface mirrored left-right to switch places for better layout, say box is now at bottom for easier use.
3) Minor bug relating to Exploders updating to 4.0 meant the help guide (ie the browser) would go blank at the end of a game.
4) A way of cancelling from saving a map has been created.
5) Nationality option gives a choice of hudreds for those interested.
6) Games played and Nationality are included on the website.
7) Elo rating is listed in players online.