Death Note: The Fallen City

by Vengence Production
Death Note: The Fallen City
--Coming Soon--
A game created mainly by Ganing and having few additional features produced by VP's staff.

This game was created because there are no Death Note games that don't encourage RP. Our game is made for the purposes of PvP and Action. There is the option to have RP for those who really like it, and want to host a RP server.

About a week ago, black notebooks began falling from the sky. The police force has confiscated most of them, but still a few remain. The city has been torn to bits, people killing each other and the crime rates arising through numbers unseen ever before. The city, now fallen and deserted is having a one last war in which will decide whether it will become a city in which Kira leads, or a city in which the Government leads.

You can choose to have a Death Note or a Gun. You can join the side of Kira, or the side of the police. Whatever side you choose doesn't affect the weapon you obtain as the police have confiscated Death Notes, and many Kiraets (the name of those who use the Death Note in the name of Kira) still posses Death Notes. There will be more than one "Fallen City" as in it's more of a war on who will gain the most territories. Japan, New York, and Los Angelos will be available in the Beta version.

More information will come soon.
Is this out yet or not? I realize this post is extremely old...