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So here's what Version 15 is bringing in:

-Deck Builder: Available to Subscribers and Members only. You can save/load a collection of tiles made up of existing ones. By default, the deck contains 4 of each Follower, 2 of each Construct, and 1 of each Miracle. Custom decks can have as few as one tile. When any deck is used, it is 'replicated' onto itself enough times that everyone will have enough tiles.

--Using the Deck Builder: Click 'Decks' on the game menu. Choose a deck name, click on tiles you want from the left column. To remove unwanted tiles, click tiles on the right column. Once you have at least one tile and a name, you can save it with File -> Save. To use it, go to "Use Deck..." on the menu and then Use Current Deck. Use Default Deck will clear the current deck entirely. Medals are disabled when using a custom deck.

--Savefiles are secured with a hash so don't mess with them.

-New Tiles: One new tile.

--Wrathful Extinction (Miracle): It starts at 0 points but unleashes a swarm of flies to engulf a nearby tile. The swarm wanders until it finds a victim (maybe your own tile) and drains it at one point a turn. Every two points drained increases Wrathful Extinction's value by 1. A Baleful Enchanter on the afflicted tile or the swarm's Extinction will end the effect.

-Layout: Chat window is more prominent. Click and drag the bar at the top of it to see a history of what is happening.

-Faster AI: Did a lot of profiling to minimize the lag in a lot of repeating processes. It's still not 'instant', and there are some sleep()'s programmed in, but it's a lot better.


Tile Count:
Followers: 16 of 16.
Constructs: 10 of 16.
Miracles: 9 of 16.

To Do:
-Debug the Deck Maker
-Promote the game
-More layout rearrangement; I'd like to show something in place of the map between games. Maybe that would be a good spot for the Deck Maker
-Starting Tiles (Genesis/Worldfall tiles)


Quick Update - Version 17:
-Vigilant Watchtower gives a +1 bonus if not in a corner, rather than +0.
-Fixed some visual bugs with the Enchanter.
-Tweaked Wrathful Extinction's swarm movement.
-Minimized some output from the game, if you choose to see it.
-Fixed Forsaken Temple.
-The Round indicator label now shows who won.
-Member icons show up in the Players/Spectators lobby as well as an indicator of Subscriber/Member. I think it's too large right now and I'll see if there's a way to shrink them.