Keywords: report, scout
So hows about a weekly Scout Report on the coalitions workings? I'm not gonna assign a specific day or anything but I will throw a report out weekly.

Seika SE
Updated once again. I rearranged the skin, and edited a few minor things. I believe this may be the final update unless I get some bug reports or some feature requests. (Nothing that says add more waves, mages, or whatnots.)

Legend Of Link
Has lots of new stuff in it. I just have been lazy and have not updated. Have 21 medals coded in, 3 areas, and quite a few things. I'll begin working on it as soon as I post this and probably update it.

=0 What is this game? I've never heard of it! It's a new MORPG in the works with my friend Turo Azai. It's turning out very well, BYOND's engine was indeed made for RPGs. It's release date? I have no idea.

Eternal Blue
I haven't worked on it at all! Been awhile. It was a neon base defense with alot of bugs. =P Maybe I'll update it as well? Who knows...

Ninja World Online
I decided to help Yut Put with the art on this, I myself am not a master of pixel art, but I did what I could and borrowed from Xuirus to make most of it look decent. I've done about half the icons, and fixed up the skin/map as well. =)

I'm only posting games that are currently semi-active and that will be updated soon or possibly in the next week. So yeah, until the next Scout Report...