I've been talking about my current project in Tech Tree, but I have not given many details on my blog.

Genetic Fork is a two-player boardgame. I'm planning to release it on The Game Crafter after testing digitally through BYOND. The goal is to destroy an opponent's research with a group of mutating units. It's sort of like one of my previous projects, Flesh and Drone. However, the number of unit types has been cut down, the environment plays a greater role and spells have been replaced with mutant-specific attributes.

This is my first project using my multiple game rooms library. Room creation will be a subscription right. Rooms will only be deleted between games so players won't be screwed over if a subscriber leaves. Meanwhile, new games can be started as long as any subscriber is inside the room. (Of course, there will be at least one free, recyclable room as well.)

I'm only displaying BYOND Member avatars during chat. It's easier to present each room's players with a single cell of text in the grid. I might turn the BYOND Member benefits flag off. It's probably not worth the delay.

Navigating between rooms requires a section of the skin so I moved what I could elsewhere. The commands for starting games are on the map. Meanwhile, game settings have been moved to the bottom-right corner.

Below is roughly what the game should look like during the first turn. The effects of different tiles can be read by right-clicking on them. The beakers represent the research to be destroyed. The other pieces are interns who can swap the unoccupied tiles in their path. Map objects that can be selected will be animated. Clicking the same object again will cancel its selection.

In the upper right are the attributes and relative strengths for each of the three mutant strains. Pressing the long attribute buttons will explain what their attributes do. The other buttons are only displayed when necessary. In this case, spawn buttons are displayed to allow the creation of mutant units and -/+ buttons are displayed to bid for the right to mutate strains.

The ? button brings up tool tips... so you won't actually have to remember anything I just said.