Dragonball Universal Rebirth

by Paulzerooo
Dragonball Universal Rebirth
Ultimate Dragonball is finally arrived!! More Races, more trances, and more techs!! More Fighting Styles/Training Options * No AFK Boots* **SHELL**
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Okay now i know i may be destined to get a few frowns on this one, But the best Dragonball game that exists on byond happens to be Dragonball Generations.

They hold every aspect of training in their coding. Their icons seem a little shady at first but in turn prove to be far better than any others.

I suggest that we somehow get a hold of those Icons. And Make a side server or make the Game imitate that by all costs. You do that and you'll have a playerbase willing to donate for every perk you post.

All this needs is further discussion so please hear me out. I realize anyone FROM dragonball generations wouldn't like this idea. So please be hush hush about it.
If we manage to achieve the way its coded or icons, i am sure i can do alot with those materials. I could in turn help transform the game into one that is even better than dbg. Which is a serious rp game in the likeness of Dragonball z.

I spoke with saber about some of the details. But it goes entirely on a different level than any other game. Reviving is done by Rp kaio or demon characters with the skill to do so. Character's age, have offspring (Which can be created by clicking the newborn tab on the char.select screen and inputting the password you locked the Child with . )

Children possess better gains than their parents depending on the age they were concieved.

There is no powerlevel STAT. it can be measured through Scanners. Hellping determine how far you'll knock another player. Bones can be broken Or ripped. Super saiyans are hard to come by unless your server is in a VERY LATE YEAR. You can build Machinery and tech such as, (Swords, Scanners, Drills, Super Drills, Space Pod's, Space Capsule ships, Androids, Bio Androids, Cyborg limbs, Buildings and MORE)

You need A certain Quality percentage. (Also known as Intelligence) To create certain items. In the Channel Tab you can Switch from meditating for Stats or intelligence.) Tuffles gain intell VERY fast.

All species spawn on respective planets, which possess different gravities. (Gravity training can be EXTREMELY effective being its hard to come by someone who has a ship, and Powerlevels are done righteously in accordance with the show.) Without walking down snakeway for a revive it forces you to think in best interest of your character. Forcing you to rp well

For example. If a changeling gains knowledge Rply about the saiyan planet. He may gather a few friends and decide to go conquer the planet.


Every rank throughout the show is integrated into the game. For example. A namek rping toward being elder, can be admin approved for the the rank, which would come with benefits Such as the ability to learn 'Unlock potential' or the ability to create the dragonballs.

Skill learning.
Learning skills is a tad difficult but rewarding. Im sure that every hour you're online there is a percentage of chance you will randomly learn a new skill. As your character gets older. The percentage lowers.

Skills can also be taught a certain amount of times by each player. (UNLESS you posess the academy master rank. Allowing you to teach in groups and as many tiems as you want)

Super saiyan
Best not to talk about. Takes severe Rp and reqs. but in a late year. Anything can happen.

(Can you die of old age?)
Yes you can die and even decline stats of old age. So it is important to concieve when your usefulness as a character is up. But you can live in the after life forever.

Kaio ranks
They all exist. allowing you to watch over whatever you want. Learn fusion, Heal, Or become supreme kaio. (Can make potaras)
North kaio is the only one who can learn Kaioken or teach it. (Must rply create kaioken before admins can bestow it)

There is much more. You need to Eat, Drink, And sleep. but the combat is much more fair and exciting. Just give it a try and lets see if we can't integrate this.