I'm Built.
Because you ain't Built.
Have fun in college!
if u need help iconning i could help... i could also advertise daily nd bring a much of ppl to play your game... add me my key amirm.. ok i can help alot nd can find u a host just message me (im talking about ikou era)
are you gonna put starwars the next generation up?
you better straighten your shit up no one wants to play an rp version of effin samurai champloo i liked it back when i played in the starting stages of the game also fix all the corruption bullshit before i put my foot up your ass have you read all the complaints ikou era gets?
Did you draw your profile picture or did someone else draw it?
hey i just wanted to know if Ikou Era will be back up soon?
Are you by any chance still in need of a host?
i can host ikou era for ya.
The Ikou Era server is basically down
My IP is unable to do anything in Ikou Era, my bro and I can open it, but we cannot use birth, wake, or death at all
restart router and moderm
I drew it and then photoshop to color it. Its been awhiel for me drawing
can you help me,i was playing iou era when somebody imprisoned me for life,i then rped breaking out and i asked for her to read my rp,i needed to change something but when i changed it she ignored me for hours and then ip banned me for not caring about rp and for being a bother,now i cant play your game and im just pissed because of her being an overalll douche
Ikou Era is down T.T
Why am I banned from all of the games you host? Mind undoing that?
Smiles! Just Bring Ikou Chapter back! You Ruined perfectly good RP by taking it down. And your reason for taking it down was Pointless. Please just Bring the game back up.
Will Ikou Era ever go back up?
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