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I would like to be able to specify an output the the options and messages just as functions do currently (like crash, and world.log) without any limitations that the existing methods have.
Please be more specific.
I want it to be able to display a message to the player such as what is in the attached screenshot, even if its being hosted in dreamdaemon.
I'm still confused. I don't see how that's different from sending to world.log.
when game is hosted in dreamseekr, world.log works how i want it:

when hosted in dreamdaemon, it changes the action to display in the host window:
I'm still not getting you. The message is sent to Options & Messages when you host in DS because DS is hosting. The message is sent to DD's window when DD is hosting.
I want the abiltiy to specify it to go to the players options and messages, even if dd is hosting.
Ah, but which player? If DD was properly connected to a pager it is possible to identify if the host is present and send messages to them, but that would make no sense because it'd be sending messages to DD's window all the times that it didn't have a player to send to. Wherever it sends the messages, it should be consistent.

Another option is that it could send to DD all of the time but to the logged-in host's DS as well, but I don't know if that'd be a viable default choice; it would need some thought.
I was thinking more like selecting the player to send it to, such as with how output works, but displaying it in the O&M window.