by Straw Hat Creations
An adventure like no other awaits you in this anime-style MMORPG.

What is Ninpo Online?
  • A 2D Ninja-themed MMORPG
  • Beautiful anime art style
  • Online events, quests and missions will keep you entertained for as long as the game is online.
  • Giant map filled with unique creatures and secrets.
  • Join the fun and be part of our community! <a /'
    Ninpo Online: Developers
    • (Programmer)
    • Narakzi(Pixel-Artist/Programmer)

    Kaizoku: Credits
    Alphasky, Baellow3, SilencedWhisper,VixiV,Ex5

Well, I am proud to post the first comment.

To all future Pirates! NEVER let your goals and dreams die! As long as we fight for what we belive in... OUR DREAMS WILL NEVER DIE!! :)
The New Era Begins!
So will the other board be removed, or changed with the Link to the new Key on it?

= p The faithful non forum users may end up being left behind. For a while at least, people tend to circulate info.
Now looking forward this for further updates.
can i get link to forums plz
Thanks bro when will be the open sever to all?
Hali is a bish!
Revenge is mad
went will the game be released.I can't wait anymore!!!
<---- Fan #100 :)
I'm SOOOO hyped!! :3

2-3 weeks from now, the greatest BYOND game EVER will be out!!!!! ^^

PLEASE keep your promiss Kidpaddle!! :3
when did kid said that O.O he didnt gave us a exactly released date dude, dont start spreading words that arent 100% true D:<
No exact release date yet
This will be the best game in byond.I can't wait to play this game =D

Release this game as fast as u can pls, i will wait for this game......
I hope to see you all in the second half of Grand Line!
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