Roleplay World

by Yusuke13
Roleplay World
A text roleplay.
An ever-evolving text roleplay game where the players control the atmosphere and environment.

Each server is its own world complete with server controls and ways to keep the RP flowing. Stop by the hub forums (in the discussion tab) to report bugs and request feature updates and additions.

Latest Update:

v0025 (18 November 2012)

o The interface windows' colors are now customize-able (Server > Moderator Controls > SetColors) by subscribed hosts.
o Month and year show on the interface.
o Races now show under the view charsheet interface.
o Host can decide whether or not to use the built-in year/month system (during initial setup).
o Fixed custom image issue.

Hub graphics made by Teka123
But Yusuke13, there are no hub graphics on this hub. Did he donate invisible hub graphics?
He did but I haven't added them yet. :P
I'll start hosting it.
Ay, whenever you catch me on messenger again send me a little nudge or something, I'll edit the graphics I did for you that time so you can add it here.