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You can now fuck with me. :D
If you need any help with your Duel Monsters game I'm a programmer and mapper
I am a programmer myself, for now, I just need a few Iconners to set up some things, such as retrieving new Cards.

I appreciate the offer anyways, and will keep it in mind if somehow any day I need some programming assistance, which I highly doubt, but still.
Neo, i am muted on naruto eternal memories on your server im TeenGogeta
Hey man, where'd ya go? I miss u :(
Add my key ;)
In need of host?
Add me if you need host.
Neo-Neo O=, Could you help me with programmin , i know a little but cant handle the game , i am workin on a prooject xD, PM meh plz >.>
dude neo can u help me in programming houses
Are you getting my pager messages?

No i wasnt getting them my laptop is gonna kill me from a headache man hahhaha
Hey, you know Naruto new generations, would it be possible to make a system were you can ally officially with other towns?
Neo can we talk
@Rederror: It will be possible in a future update, not in the next straight one though.

@Doltay: Already added to pager.
Can you please add me on pager?
hello Weston here, i wanna ask if u can help me make a bleach game that i always wanted to make(i dont have any programing skills XD) so add my key if you wanna help a poor iconner make his dream game come through so please tell me if u wanna help or not bye
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