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After watching a ton of YouTube videos and tutorials lately, I want to get a recording program and start recording something, just for the hell of it. Not sure what I should record, though. :/
Any suggestions?
JCLC(JROTC) Summer Camp time! See you guys next week.
Ah, JROTC was something I did in school. Doing ROTC in college now, its great that you gave a class like that a try, not many people want to wear that uniform lol
Phew...just got back. I admit, it was hell...but I came out with a sense of accomplishment.
Hey, Albro. I too, need a Membership. Help a fellow man out? If you want to talk about a deal, my MSN is as follows: [email protected]
Sorry man, but I am completely broke. I have no money to even renew my own membership.
Took a break on B:ANB for a few weeks, then looked back over everything. I realized how convoluted the Quest system(That took several days to make and perfect) was, so redid it. It literally took me a mere 3 hours or so to complete it and do sufficient testing on it. It works faster and better, and is much easier to implement in the code itself. :)
Albro, do u have MSN? If so, let me know D:
Yeah, I do. Why?

Tidbit: It was strange, I was never alerted to your comment. Sorry for the late reply.
Working on any games? Hope you aren't. It'll probably fail.
Why is that?
Not going to answer? You are wasting my comment space with your unjustified accusations. However, unlike you, I will not delete your comment.

That's called "being the bigger person". I hope you learned something today.
KururugiSuzaku wrote:
Working on any games? Hope you aren't. It'll probably fail.

Look who's talking buddy. "

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IF you get something up and running, I'll shut it.
Add me on MSN! [email protected]
yo,Thank you for commenting on my game I wish you the best for your game future projects if you have any, and wish me well on mines :)
Thanks. Good luck on yours.
Good for you, child.
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