A Miner Adventure

by Forum_account
A Miner Adventure
Use a pick-ax and bombs to dig tunnels and build scaffolding to traverse the caves. Be careful, you'll never know what kind of danger you'll find!
Then again, it'd be easier to just...

It sounds like it would be easier to play through as intended, but I do like clever things like this as long as it doesn't trivialize the game - with the bomb jumping and doubling back it sounds more difficult. It's also the kind of thing you wouldn't think to do your first time playing. I should add a medal for completing adventure mode without getting the scaffolding kit.

I'm planning on adding more chapters to the adventure and I'd like for them to be less linear. Hopefully I can work in some things like this and have them be intentional. It'd really help the replay value.
If you're experiencing unresponsive keyboard input, I have good news. This was due to a BYOND bug which should be fixed in the next BYOND update. For now, you can open the options menu (F2) and lower the game speed.
Forum_account wrote:
Ok, there was a problem in the code that was causing it to not be awarded. I manually gave you the medal. If anyone else gets $15,000 in career mode but doesn't get the medal, post a screenshot and I'll give you the medal too. Or, maybe because $15,000 was too easy to get I'll take the medal away and raise it to $50,000 =)

Hiya. I got 15k and didn't get the medal for it. Could I get it please?
Madmanonfire wrote:
Hiya. I got 15k and didn't get the medal for it. Could I get it please?

Sure. I'll award you the medal as soon as I get the chance.
Awesome! Thanks! :D
how do i start a sever for other people? i've done it before but i can't sould their be a bottem to chick on that will make it better for more people like me to host a sever
is their a cheat for this game caveins r really annoying when u dig a shaft
If you click on "Multiplayer" at the main menu the game will be hosted for others to join. Here's some more info about hosting games.

is their a cheat for this game caveins r really annoying when u dig a shaft

I'm trying to find some ways to make cave-ins less frequent but more damaging for certain game modes. They'll always be annoying, but hopefully in future versions they'll be annoying in a fun way.
Minecraft: Byond?
Tubutasx1 wrote:
Minecraft: Byond?

Most of my inspiration has come from other mining games (VGA Miner) or platformers (like Metroid), but I guess that every mining game will be compared to Minecraft.
a bug is making me logout with out doing anything can u fix it i can't play this with this happending

Are you trying to connect to another server or are you running the game on your computer? If you're running it on your computer, does the problem happen every time you run the game? Even after you restart it?
I can't always jump on the scaffolding I build, in fact its most of the time that I can't. Any reason why?

I also slide a lot when on the first medal blocks that lead to the elevator. I slide enough that I couldn't get on the elevator at all and had to close the game.
Sounds like you're experiencing this BYOND bug. It should be fixed in the next BYOND update but I'm not sure when that'll be.
Excellent game, keep up the good work.
Forum, you said Stop playing with annoying ppl, but you forget the fact that: Almost NO servers are on. It's even rare to see a server with atleast 4 ppl in 1 month.... We are like dogs that are hungry for a bone... Or should I say, we are A Miner Adventure likers that are hungry for an 24/7 server. Back to the problem that I had, what is the point of leaving your favorite game cuz of trolls/noobs, if you can't do anything else after it? He also had banned me also... Pathetic... But anyway.. This game is dieing. Before you add updates, you should do something about the popularity.
Supertoby, there's not much I can do about either issue. If you don't like playing with the people who choose to host games, you can download the game and play by yourself or host it and play with your friends. It's not the kind of game that needs 100 people to be fun, just 3 or 4 will do.

I'd like the game to be more popular too, but there's not a whole lot I can do about that.
Hosting 24/7 as of now.
There's a little problem with the Down+Z macro it won't let me get back up Scaffolds for a long time. An when I press Left and Right back an forth it goes onto my chat. But this game does rock. I'd play it alot.
The down+z problem will be fixed in the next update. In the meantime you can press down+space, since space also makes you jump.
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