by Acebloke
Strategic Board game where sacrifice is key to winning [More]
To download this game for your Linux/Mac installation, enter this on your command line:

DreamDownload byond://Acebloke.Exploder##version=26

Emulator users, in the BYOND pager go to File | Open Location and enter this URL:


Version v1.0
Date added: Oct 21 2004
Last updated: Jun 15 2013
Last played: Sep 18 2015
16 fans

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If you have any ideas for the game, please feel free to post them in the other ideas topic in the Exploder forums. A number of Exploder features are user requested ones, or ones users have suggested which I was unsure of doing. Exploder needs you for your brains ! So get those donor cards.

10.0 (v1.0)

1) Changed to ACWraith's interface and graphics.
2) Fixed a couple of longstanding minor bugs such as multi-clicking and minor elo rating problems.
3) Change some of the font colours.
4) Pieces waiting to explode has a slight graphic change, so you can tell.
5) # of moves now shown.


1) Interface changed to black layout.
2) Interface mirrored left-right to switch places for better layout, say box is now at bottom for easier use.
3) Minor bug relating to Exploders updating to 4.0 meant the help guide (ie the browser) would go blank at the end of a game.
4) A way of cancelling from saving a map has been created.
5) Nationality option gives a choice of hudreds for those interested.
6) Games played and Nationality are included on the website.
7) Elo rating is listed in players online.


1) Interface added since this is the first update since BYOND 4.0
2) Other minor modifications to deal with BYOND 4.0 changes
3) Non-Host Players can now load their maps into the game from any destination (Hosts too)
4) Less code through optimisation, less size


1) Added a move list which is displayed to everyone on the map when the game ends.
2) Finally got round to changing Obliteration to the correct spelling.
3) Fixed the "0" wins by default when someone logs out.
4) Made say slightly darker.
5) Made 3 player.
6) Made 4 player.
7) Made improvements to parts of the code.
8) A bug with fluid pieces fixed.
9) Added a save/load map feature.
10) Included the number of users in game at world.status.


1) Minor bug with submission with fluid colours fixed.
2) Bracketed colours in players tab again so its clearer.
3) Fixed alternate colour bug with setting up custom layouts.
4) Cut the message that shows that "0" won when you resign before a game starts.


1) Custom layout wouldn't work with non classic colours fixed.
2) Fluid Colours fix.
3) The last moves will disappear at end of game.
4) Very minor wrap-round bug fixed.
5) Clarified that clicking is the action required to place pieces in the guide.


1) Darker say colour for spectators.
2) Changes to help guide.
3) Recoded sections of the game (shouldn't show any difference, just shorter).
4) Up to 4 games running at a time.
5) A message at the start of the game clarifies the win condition.
6) Added Fluid graphics.
7) Added "Blue Turn" and "Red Turn" onto the turn indicator.
8) Turn indicator grey when game not playing.
9) Guide pops up in browser at login.
10) Single Square Capture (4 green squares in different corners) added.
11) Randomised Single Square Capture added.

Feel free to download and start your own game if one is too crowded.