The Network

by Agorako
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To download this game for your Linux/Mac installation, enter this on your command line:

DreamDownload byond://Agorako.Network##version=3

Emulator users, in the BYOND pager go to File | Open Location and enter this URL:


Version 0.03a
Date added: Jul 23 2014
Last updated: Aug 17 2014
Last played: Sep 12 2015
10 fans
Warning: This game is in early alpha stages. All graphics, sounds, and gameplay elements are temporary and subject to change. Character progression is subject to reset. Play at your own risk.

Version 0.03a

  • Replaced all of the music with horrible original works.
  • Added a login screen before entering the world. (Will contain character setup and such later.)
  • Distinguished several different types of warp panels:
    • Grey panels are disconnected and go nowhere.
    • Yellow panels lead to GUI screens and battle instances.
    • Green panels lead to different areas of the same map.
    • Pink panels lead to different maps hosted by the same server.
    • Red panels link to different servers in the network, connecting online areas.
  • Added (disconnected) warp panels for the event field and network.
  • Added dialogue box test.
  • Restructured a lot of code, GM commands, the chatbox, etc.

Version 0.02a

Added working ramps and warp panels. The world now consists of multiple maps.

You can still use the Testing menu to activate a test battle. Players and enemies can move and animate actively, and be spawned on either team.


Welcome to The Network, an online roleplaying PvE & PvP action combat community of cyber-armor digital AIs and their operators.

You, as the human operator of your own AI, will outfit and customize its appearance, abilities and specialties to suit your fighting style and needs as you battle network threats, including viruses and malware, hackers, worms and more.

Customize your Local Machine with limited music, flying wallpaper skies, and various layouts. Set up a Mini Game in your Local Machine space and invite your friends to come play. Practice alone, or take a risk against others. Make new friends or become rivals with anyone you meet. Have risk-free friendly one-on-one battles or wage destructive network takeover wars between large groups of AIs and their operators. Take on the Network Administrators or lurk for unsuspecting victims in the wilds of the Deep Net.

What kind of AI you'll drive is yours to decide. Whether you go on a mad quest for power or simply try to become a part of a larger community of AIs who have your back, is entirely up to you. It's all connected on The Network.

Dev team:

  • Agorako (aka JTE) - Everything.

Anyone who plays as a non-Guest using these early builds will be awarded a permanent "The Network Alpha Tester" medal for their courage. :)