Soul Eater

by Avainer1
Soul Eater
A Fangame created for the Soul Eater fans. [More]

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Date added: Jun 6 2011
Last updated: Jun 9 2011
Last played: Apr 2 2013
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Discalimer :
We do not own Soul Eater. We also did not help in the creation of that anime. FUNimation is the owner of Soul Eater. This is a fan game. This game is also non-profit. Please do not punish us (Fans) by suing us or taking this free product/service. FUNimation is the sole entity that has the right to distribute the Anime and Games of the Soul Eater manga for profit in the form of currency. We do not offer our game for profit, as we release this game as a free product/service to the BYOND Community.
Dbar 910
Current Development Team
Programmer : Avainer1(Avainer)
Da Boss: Flame Rider

Stat Caps

Here at the stat caps for each Class/Rank

Meister Stat Caps
One Star Techinican - 100 All stats
Two Star Technician - 200 All Stats
Three Star Techinican - 300 All Stats
Four Star Technician - 400 All Stats
Five Star Techinican - 500 All Stats

Witch Stat Caps
Caster - 200 All stats
Sorceress - 400 All Stats
Summoner - 600 All Stats

Black Blood
User - 425 All stats

Stage 1 Rank - 400 All stats
Stage 2 Rank - 700 All stats
Stage 3 Rank - 1000 All stats


Hadoking: (Jun 19 2016, 2:19 pm)
Is this still going?
Chris172: (Aug 28 2012, 3:41 pm)
When is the game gonna be up?