Naruto: Way Of The Shinobi

by Axerob
Naruto: Way Of The Shinobi
4.0 in progress. [More]

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Version 4.0
Date added: Oct 6 2006
Last updated: Dec 12 2023
Last played: Jun 4
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Axerob: (Sep 1 2023, 3:40 pm)
JamJul wrote:
I would love to return when you finish the new version Rob

Check in on progress on the discord!
Arctic_Freeze: (Sep 1 2023, 2:06 pm)
This is insane. I randomly thought of this game today and it took 2 hours to remember the name of this game and my account. Itís been so, so many years. I hope everyone is doing well.
JamJul: (Aug 24 2023, 12:00 am)
I would love to return when you finish the new version Rob
Eyehax: (May 11 2023, 8:30 pm)
o shit bet.... i remember when u left us THEN came back and made WOTS even better lmao anyone else from the old days still around?? Was always one of my favorite games, and the first one i actually played on BYOND... Always wished for it to be ported will check discord <3
Axerob: (May 8 2023, 4:49 am)
Eyehax wrote:
Sooooooooo..... I'm guessing wots 2 never finished v.v

I've been working on the next version. You can follow along on the discord to see update progress.