Ki Warriors

by Axiom Studios
An ever expansive Roleplay Environment with limitless possibility [More]

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Death is encouraged as a reincarnation cycle keeps you in the game!

Ki Warriors server rules.

Rules subject to change at any time without notice. Please check back regularly.

OOC Rules

Rules about behavior and conduct out of character-- on the server and otherwise.

1. No IC in OOC -- IC in OOC is the alerting, the spreading, the mention or conversation about IC events in any OOC channel or format. First offense is a temporary mute, repeat offenses come in the form of nerfs. Extreme cases can result in a ban.

2. EZing / Macro Training is forbidden -- Training must be done actively and attentively. If caught EZing, you can be nerfed. Nerfs will become progressively larger as more offenses are stacked against a user.

3. No Metagaming -- Metagaming is the act of benefiting intentionally from IC in OOC. Any knowledge not acquired ICly, whether it be from predisposed knowledge, or the result of on-going IC in OOC. If it is determined that you are metagaming, repeat offenses will net your character progressively increasing nerfs.

4. No Godmodding -- This is more of a pet-peeve for many. Writing something occurs without letting other players respond or interfere to any action is not allowed. Everything must allow for the interaction of other players.

5. No Death Avoiding -- Logging out expressly with the intent of avoiding a poor situation is not allowed. Repeat offenses will be reward with nerfs and potential character debilitaations(injuries that are reflected by nerfed mods), extreme cases can result in death as if your character were still present but knocked out.

6. No Griefing -- Any act purely to sabotage a player, their creations, or their works, without any roleplay is not allowed. In-Character griefing is acceptable, allowing for someone to roleplay all of their hatred and acts of sabotage, but Out-Of-Character or non-RP actions of grief are not tolerable. Severe nerfs and bans are the punishment.

7. Combat Requires 1 Countdown -- Any Combat or hostile roleplay which leads to a verb scenario requires at least 1 countdown.

8. Colateral Damage -- AFKing next to a combat scenario does not exempt you from damage. Being near a verb scenario will result in you being subject to harm from said verb scenario. If observing a battle, you should be attentive and protective of yourself and your possessions. If you are in an area prone to battle (via spars or actual combat), consider AFKing in a home or some more peaceful location.

9. No AFK Killing/Attacking -- Attacking or killing AFK individuals is not allowed. Repeat offenses will earn progressiveely higher nerfs. Interacting negatively with an AFK individual may be done with admin permission only if the AFKer is a frequent AFKer and is perceived to use their AFK status as a 'shield'.

10. All Buildings Must Have Entry Ports -- Every building must have an entrance that does not involve flying over a roof. If a building breaks this code, an Admin will be sent to investigate. If the offender is found to be guilty, punishment will occur based on the situation.

11. Roleplay with Environment -- All actions must be roleplayed, even involving interacting with tech and other items of value. There should also be countdowns allowing for response.

12. No Multi-key/Alt Interaction -- The game does a pretty good job of handling these situations, but you should not be using two characters to benefit each other. Your two characters can interact otherwise. If reported for benefiting from a alternate character, an investigation will be held, and severe punishment will be given if found guilty. This is a priviledge, not a right.

13. All Characters Must Remain IC -- You cannot be OOC or possess an OOC character. The only exception to this is when you are part of an administrative investigation, and na admin must be able to confirm your OOC status.

14. Rape (and other form of eRP is to be black screened) -- I really shouldn't have to write this, but any erotic situation should be black screened without the express permission of all involved parties.

IC Rules

Rules about behavior and conduct in character.

1. Rank Etiquette -- Ranks are expected to fulfill their duty at all times. Ranks are discouraged from pursuing main-stage hero positions, may be as villainous as they desire (so long as it makes sense) and are expected to nurture roleplay (which includes all roleplayers).

2. Rank Absenteeism -- All Ranks must alert Admins to periods in which they cannot be active. If a Rank finds themselves unable to be active, they should have a student or a #2 that can fill their shoes temporarily while they are gone.

3. Rank Independence -- If a Rank wishes to abandon their post, they may only do so if they leave someone in their stead. For example a teacher position must have a sufficiently trained student take over their position if they wish to leave their planet or their duties temporarily. At the end of a character's career, they may pass a rank onto a suitable replacement in the same fashion.

4. Combat Rules

-- All actions take place at the end of the countdown. Exceptions will be posted her.

-- If you beat an opponent in verb, and they rise up before you can complete your RP and countdown sequence, you must acknowledge their recovery and RP the results of their recovery.

-- If you are defeated in verb, you should roleplay meditating before actually doing so, and giving a countdown sequence to begin meditating. **If an opponent responds to your meditation RP, they must complete a single countdown sequence to begin their RP, and may not begin when your countdown ends.

-- A sufficient kill RP is a RP that breaks 300 characters, or is one that the victim agrees to.

-- A kill can not be performed until a valid kill RP and a valid countdown sequence has occurred.

-- If an opponent is felled 3 times-- but you are unable to kill them before they regenerate, killing intent may be roleplayed in the following RP, and the countdown sequence for the following KO voided.

-- If you do not intend to kill an opponent who will not stay down, you may RP the intent, whether it's to beat them down, imprison them, or something else.

-- Ki kills are inevitable, but are only valid if killing intent is made clear in the RP before the verb begins (Bonus points if players further clarify OOCly afterward).

-- Fleeing requires an RP that is seen and acknowledged by an opponent and 1 countdown sequence. If fleeing during a verb fight, you must survive your countdown sequence before you can begin running to escape your situation (In other words, if you decide to flee after a verb fight has began, you must now avoid your opponent until you find your opportunity (the ending of the CD sequence) to escape.)

-- If killing intent is roleplayed before a verb battle, with both players acknowledging the consequences, the winner of the verb may begin a CD after the KO to kill their target using the intent of the verb.

5. Bomb Rules

-- Bombs and missles require set up RP when being used in express attacks (Bombs set as traps and other situations should be RP'd, but it honestly makes no difference as they are triggered by stepping near them like a land mine).

-- Bombs require a 90 second CD before triggering them, in which they take 30 seconds to detonate. The only exception to this rule is if a bomb is used in an on-going verb scenario, in which case it may be triggered freely with its 30 second timer being the warning.

-- One a bomb is armed and set to go off, the scenario is in verb form. It's countdown is displayed across roofs and any tile that would deny vision, there is little excuse to miss a bomb warning, and revivals after a bomb will be discussed and left to admin discretion (getting killed in a bomb a mile away can suck, depending on the situation the bomb is used, you can get revived, but if it's like a nuclear attack on a city you get caught in, you might be out of luck).

-- The light flash of a bomb is also a trigger for a 'Verb Escape.' If a bomb is set to go off, or has detonated, you are not expected to roleplay escaping to run from it, you may respond however you please (even if you want to roleplay it).

-- When terror bombing-- the act of bombing or launching a missle with the express purpose of killing select individuals, please alert admins before hand to ensure the situation is legit.

6. Nuke Rules

-- Nukes are considered a threat level similar to Planet Destruction and requires admin permission to use, or even spawn one.

-- At 100 Intelligence, a player may request to be reviewed in order to make a Nuke, at which point they will be expected to RP toward making that nuke over a given period of time. The cost a nuke will require 4.5 billion resources divided by your intelligence mod.

-- Nukes usage must be approved and overseen by an administrator, in which case the planet it is used on will be alerted via an IC message. Three to five cooldowns will be made before the nuke may be triggered, with the ending of each countdown accompanied by an IC server wide alert.

-- Nuke related deaths are likely not to be undone.

7. Planet Destruction

-- Planet Destruction requires at least 1 Million BP to request from an Admin the right to destroy a planet for a single use.

-- Once Planet Destruction is approved, the user must RP the charging of their attack, or their power up, in which their power will be messaged to the server giving them a chance to react.

-- If players arrive to interrupt a planet destruction, the user may have to fight and KO their attackers first before beginning the process. This is entirely up to the overseeing Admin's discretion. The process may be approved without a chance to interrupt, or may be approved with an extended desruction, meaning that the planet destruction won't happen right away, but will happen inevitably, allowing for players to have a battle similar to Goku and Frieza's on planet Namek.

-- Once a Planet Destruction is approved to go, five countdowns will be given and the server will be alerted by the end of each countdown, allowing for those on the planet to react with an RP and attempt to escape or fight or whatever they insist on.

8. Gun Rules

-- Earth Guns are not to exceed the the current year mutliplied by 5. A year 1 gun on Earth should be at max, level 5.

Year 2 - 10; Year 3 - 15; Year 4 - 20; Year 5 - 25

-- The above rule does not apply to other planets, gun upgrades are free reign until further notice.

9. Seige Rules -- (Beta)

These rules are to help combat hut trends, and turn breaking into them into noteworthy and fun RP events.

-- Seiges are admin assisted events in which considerable IC effort can break otherwise unbreakable walls.

-- A seige can only be performed by a faction.

-- In order to perform a seige, a faction must have 5 active members available to assist in the seige.

-- The Defenders must have they key members online for a seige to be valid.

-- During a seige, the power, skills, and tech of the defending and attacking forces will be taken into account. Afterward, these things will be given an RP value to assist seigers in doing what might otherwise seem impossible.

-- In Seiges, any incident, occurrence, or value can be omitted and changed at the discretion of an overseeing administrator.

10. No Race Suits -- Playing any race as another race to seem like one race with the benefits of another is not allowed. Exceptions to this rule is the: Werewolf Faction. Punishment can reuslt in nerfs that remove your racially incorrect benefits. This is not a rule against IC disguises, this is for people who legitimately try ot RP as if they are one race with snowflake benefits of anotehr race.