Adventures of a Fourbit

by Brettpenzer
Adventures of a Fourbit
1Bit Adventure (Fourbits of friends) [More]
To download this game for your Linux/Mac installation, enter this on your command line:

DreamDownload byond://Brettpenzer.AdventuresofaFourbit##version=8

Emulator users, in the BYOND pager go to File | Open Location and enter this URL:


Version 0.0.6
Date added: Dec 30 2012
Last updated: Jan 15 2013
Last played: Jan 13 2014
4 fans

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Arrow Keys - Movement
Space - Fire
Alt + Space - Use Item
Shift + I or O - Zoom
Delete - Chat Window

Note: Storyline will not be fully programmed due to project version

As part of a space station expedition you're joined within a team of five to launch your space shuttle towards a distant Bit called Planetoria. Upon arrival you come across a whole new realm of unknown life.
One of your 1Bit Friends have suddenly disappeared from your Planetoria space base, so now its up to you and your fellow comrades to rescue your lost Bit friend. With raging wars against another life, only you can stop them now! So Join Today And Slay Together. Make a decisions soldier. Live or Die?

Alpha Stage - V0.0.1
Game Released!

Alpha Stage - V0.0.2
Extended Map Length.
New Tool Weapon allows the player to cut trees and rocks.
Bomb Item deals alot of damage
Cave Area is now added inside Temple
Multiplayer Fix
Screen Zoom In & Out Option
Camera Function follows and lazy_eye camera
One Bit and Blockworld Statues
Mobs are less damaging and have a chance to hit
Spider Mob wraps the player in Web

Alpha Stage - V0.0.3
Basic Chat System
Fixed Multiplayer bugs

Alpha Stage - V0.0.4
BYOND Members get Starter Rewards (Spacegun - lighting fast, very powerful gun)
Fixed Multiplayer bugs
Fixed HUD Alerts (Player Ping)
Call-A-Space FM - (Radio now gives access to new weapons and missions)
Coins - in-game currency

Alpha Stage - V0.0.5
Spacegun has been modified - (Firing Rate)
World save has been implemented
Movement is now frozen whilst accessing Call-A-Space FM - (Until all HUD Display is closed)
Help - (FAQ Update)

Alpha Stage - V0.0.6
Save and Load Options have been added to Call-A-Space FM
Fixed Various Bugs.
New Mission Support - (Protect the NPC, Recover Extracted Enemy Files)
Lasergun added for limited time only

Coming Soon..
Start Menu - (Play, Settings, Host, etc.)
In-Game Menu - (Screen Size, Sound, Music, etc.)
Medals, Leaderboards

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Brettpenzer: (Jan 5 2013, 6:56 pm)
Well i guess you made a spark of idea! but doesn't really mean you made the whole genre as everyone keeps saying.
Fugsnarf: (Jan 5 2013, 5:56 pm)
I enjoyed the 0-bit Adventure cameo.

So many bit games lately. It's going to seem redundant when I release 1-bit Space Adventure, even though it started this whole bit games thing.