by Chris_110872
Destroy your enemies through wits and speed in this easy yet fun original action-rpg game that employs custom physics! [More]

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Version 0.5
Date added: Nov 22 2005
Last updated: Jun 9 2012
Last played: Sep 9 2013
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Slider! is an arena based action game where players are placed in an icy arena. The goal is to ram your opponents into various traps located around the map to kill them and win. The game is fun and simple enough for people of any skill level to enjoy!

Bumping an enemy temporarily stuns them and sends them coasting in that direction allowing you to line up speedy and accurate attacks!

Slider! will hold various features in its first release to assure in depth and balanced gameplay that will keep players going for hours on end!

Some of (but not limited to) the features to look forward to are as follows:

*Lobby where players can chat and form game rooms
*Various winning conditions/game modes such as points or lives as well as FFA or teams
*Assorted types of traps to keep players on their toes and entertained such as pitfalls, incinerators, landmines, spikes, and bear traps
*Assortment of unlockable avatars to give you a true sense of control over character customization
*Leveling up and ranking up based on your performance in game
*Active leader board as well as rankings,medals, and all the honorifics that go along with being a top ranked player


Mechanios: (Jun 7 2012, 3:41 pm)
I think this has a lot of potential! Can't wait to see it up and running~