Bleach: World-Wide Adventures

by Critical172
Bleach: World-Wide Adventures The Original Bleach WWA Ichigo's new bankai! (dual wield zangetsu), vandenreich, and Zaraki's Shikai! Updated DailyPvP-mmorpg style Bleach game, Bleach online! not naruto [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version Version 2.9
Date added: May 30 2011
Last updated: Nov 10 2022
Last played: Mar 8
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This is up for fun while Soul Wars is updating!
Note that this game is 10 years old and is ancient code
Version 3.0 currently up (Soul Wars) Find out more here!.
Head Admins:
Akumazoku (Awesome93)
Ramii (RedRami)
Ouga (HanmaYujiro)

-Great community, open for all who love not only bleach, but all genre/titles
-New dungeon system
-The ultimate PvP Rpg experience
-Guild system with guild wars
-Map raids with parties that have guild requirements
-Real time events
-Character Customization
-Bosses which require skill to defeat
-Automated Events
-Fun Leveling
-Great Graphics
-Large world
-Balanced PVP
-Excellently thought out PVE system with quality AI
-Bosses which think like players

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Highway to Heaven

Earned by DaveionAT
Dec 3 2022, 6:09 pm


Earned by JeanPierre325
Nov 25 2022, 9:31 pm


DistantWorld101: (May 4 2021, 5:52 pm)
if you need someone to host the game i would be willing to host 24/7 i don't need anything in return

i just wanna play some old fashion B-WWA havn't done so in a bit.
NekoKitty11: (Jul 8 2020, 7:40 am)
Miss this game. >:
Silver9014: (Sep 15 2018, 1:03 pm)
Is the game going to be back up at some point soon?
Pine Real: (Jul 9 2018, 12:54 am)