Pokemon Encounters

by Danielca
Pokemon Encounters
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Date added: Oct 29 2009
Last updated: Jun 27 2010
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Head Admin-

Master Admin-









This game has 4 regions

Reqs to be Gl are Lvl 80 .

Astro Region Water gym leader(cap:lvl 300)---

Astro Region Grass gym leader(cap:lvl 350)---

Astro Region Thunder gym leader(cap:lvl 400)---

Astro Region Fire gym leader(cap:lvl 450)---

Astro Region Flying gym leader(cap:lvl 500)---

Astro Region Ice gym leader(cap:lvl 600)---

Astro Region Rainbow gym leader (any type)(cap:lvl 550) ---

Astro Region Dark gym leader(cap:lvl 650 )---

Requirements are 4 of that gym type.

Next three regions to be determined
E4 requirements are that you need 6 of one type of pokemon lvl 175.

First elite 4

Second elite 4

Third elite 4

Fourth elite 4

Champion (need all badges and beaten all e4)---

ORG requirements are that you need 5 of that type lvl 140 for leader and 4 of that type at leaders choice of lvl for grunt .NO CAP(Mascot no pokemon allowed youu must be loyal)

Magma leader--- (Magma mascot - (must be a fire type

Aqua leader--- (Aqua mascot- (must be a water type-

Galactic leader(normal and/or pshycic types) ---(Galactic mascot -

Rocket leader (Poison and Dark types)--- (Rocket mascot must be a Persian-

Ranger leader(1 grass,1 water,1 fire,1 flying and 1 electric type)---(Ranger mascot must be a plusle or minun-

Mafia Boss ( Dark And Fighting type pokemon)---( Mafia mascot must be a mightyena---

Team Revolution leader- --- (Hunter mascot must be a pokemon of the leaders choice ---

Eeveelutions Family-

1. No bad language or disrespectful language (5 minute mute)
2. No asking For GM/Admin/Co-owner (1st time mute then boot then ban)
3. No threats against players or the game ( ban for life)
4. No Excessive bothering Owners/Co- owners/Admins or GMs (Mute)
5. If you do something that will catch a staff members eye the punishment is up to them
6.NO HTML (1st name change 2nd ban)
7.Admin/GM's must be on atleast 30 min per 2 days if not you get demoted
8.No Caps in ooc (1. warning 2. 5 min mute)
9. NO auto clicker or afk train (pokemon deleted.
10.No killing wild pokemon(1st warning second jail)
11. HAVE FUN ^_^
Also the only way you can get Legendaries is if the Owners think you deserve one or you win an event if you ask for one you will get further and further away from ever getting one.

Also Gymleaders if your not on for atleast an hour once every 3 days your rank will be taken


Aceraptor: (Dec 9 2011, 9:06 am)
Danielca if you see this please page me
Aceraptor: (Apr 6 2011, 10:26 am)
Holy crap it was on man now I'm mad
Aceraptor: (Apr 1 2011, 5:23 pm)
I wish this game would come back
Dashawn13: (Dec 11 2009, 3:46 pm)
Danielca: (Nov 28 2009, 2:09 am)
Anagramad wrote:
take it from me, asking for gm only lowers your prospects, don't ask, just play the game, show ur active ect, but don't ask, never ask

yep ur right max