Dragonball Encore The Undying

by Darkblaidd
This is a Dragon Ball based RP Game. Role-play with others, train your characters, fight- or don't! Your call to make! [More]
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Date added: Feb 10 2020
Last updated: Jul 24 2022
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Dragonball Encore originally derived from Finale, which then moved into Ryim's hands in the form of Dragonball Encore, then passed to Ranko's hands and then, before Journey to the West Adventures was born, this source came into our hands. Over the course of the past several years, many small improvements and larger ones have been implemented since, and this game acts as a throwback to those familiar with the Finale/Encore.

Dragonball Encore the Undying is a RP game with a loose, turn-based fighting system. The rules are somewhat flexible so some things about it can be changed if all combatants involved would like to invoke the rule of cool. We're currently in the process of a long overdue re-balance for all non-rare races and various other sizable changes to the combat system of olde.

If you're interested in a community wherein coming together to write an overarching tale with others in the Dragon Ball theme is the name of the game, then this is the place for you.


Fusashi: (Mar 28, 5:06 pm)
Yet you find the time to respond to this about something you have deemed so insignificant. But you are right, and I am being the foolish one here in this, wasting my time on this when I could be using it to enjoy myself or fixing bugs people point out to me. It is insignificant to me as well now that I've given it some thought, That time is better spent being productive. Not like you are ever going to come back right? I hope you have a good time out there. Enjoy yourself and use it on more important things to you.
Kyiaro: (Mar 28, 2:48 pm)
Yap yap yap, why would I remember something from something so insignificant, from weeks ago.

Fusashi: (Mar 28, 1:58 pm)
"What is man yappin' about, I said one sentence and mans got 3 paragraphs listing shit I have no clue about.

Enjoy your circle jerk."

Wednesday 13 00:04 Juno Star(Kyiaro) says: Oh I hate these game because of how cancer they are
Wednesday 13 00:06 Juno Star(Kyiaro) says: theres already a guy who admitted me made a human, and low class saiyan, and tuffle, used the tuffle to tech buff the low saiyan and human to breed the perfect low saiyan, by year 10, he has a 250k low saiyan

- There is no breeding system in our game.
- Those were forced reincarnations because of taking Ls in fights while there is no AL in the wipe this was said, taking a nerf on each reincarnate.
- We keep logs of all said and done on game for rule enforcement and evidence to make decisions.

No paragraphs, only bullet points and copy pastes like your original post. Get a better memory and have a nice day elsewhere.
Kyiaro: (Mar 28, 1:13 pm)
What is man yappin' about, I said one sentence and mans got 3 paragraphs listing shit I have no clue about.

Enjoy your circle jerk.
Fusashi: (Mar 15, 12:37 am)
Kyiaro: (Tuesday, 8:22 pm)
The game where only the devs and their bestest friendos can abuse or have ranks.

Says the person who doesn't realize the guy they threw a fit over died 3 times and reincarnated 3 times because he kept getting involved in life and death battles to take part in events or plot points in people's stories and losing... in a wipe with no afterlife. Brah, this game doesn't even have a breeding system, and you still claimed a breeding mechanic. lol.

You played for a grand total of 3 days, never left vegeta and quit because a dude whos been there since day 1 of the wipe putting in the Roleplay and time/effort to be good despite taking some Ls via losing stat from Reincarnate (-30% every reincarnate)... is good? Nice.

Notice how I said nothing about ranks? Because the majority of the ranks (as of posting this) are normal players who applied for the ranks they wanted. 8 out of 12 currently held ranks are normal players. The rest? One is locked for event/plot use (as such, used by an admin for events), one held by an admin to try and push Roleplay on the lesser used planet, and the last 2 was to ensure there was at least ONE guardian (Kai rank) around. Out of all these, none of the normal players are 'bestest friendos' to the owners/coders. Old players sure, but 'bestest friendos'? No.