Harry Potter: A New World

by Demon_F0rce
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Version 1.0
Date added: Sep 24 2008
Last updated: Feb 7 2009
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Welcome to Harry Potter: A New World! Please follow the rules. There is a guide in-game, however it is copied out here. The rules are in the browser window in-game, there is no excuse for not following them. Have fun!

Yes, I use TWC icons. So please, if you are an Icon Artist, help me out! You can reach me at: [email protected], Demon[email protected] or just send me a message in-game.

I hoped to get the game finished for before I started school again - no such luck. As such, I'll be privately working on the game for the next 9 weeks until I start school holidays again. I may release the game earlier if it turns out I have the time. (Posted 8 February 2009)

This is the guide for Harry Potter: A New World. Now then, when you start off you will find yourself in the great hall. Once there, get sorted! House points will come into effect,
and you do want to win and take the house cup, right? The sorting hat is to your right. Anyways, after that look down and you'll see Ollivander. Talk to him for your wand. If you ever lose your wand or it breaks, you can see him again for a replacement.

Now then, you want to cast spells? Okay, okay, go left and up the stairs. This is the 2nd floor. You are currently in the scroll part. If you go up you'll find seven rooms. Each room is a study hall for a certain year.

In each study hall are the textbooks for that year. Go all the way up and to your left is the 1st year study hall. Read each of those books and you'll eventually learn a spell from each. This is the only chance you have to learn them, so learn them before taking exams. What's that? There's a class? Then hurry along and get to class!

Each class contains theory and practical classes. All classes contain theory, however in practical classes you will also learn a spell. Twice every week there will be an exam! If you pass your exam, you will go to the next year and be taught any spells you didn't know for that year. This way no one doesn't learn a spell.

Besides, if you could pass the exam you should know how to use the spell! The exam proctor will tell you more about each exam when you go to them. Once you have graduated from Hogwarts, you can get a job! Simply go up to the Minister of Magic or Arashi and give them your NEWT paper and tell them what you wish to be. Enforcers and GMs count as Aurors, by the way.

Also, even though Arashi is the headmaster, he is the owner and programmer of this game. He is treated as a Co-Minister of Magic. Well, after all that, you can continue on with you've done! By the time you've done this, Arashi should have implemented Guilds and the Dark Arts, so why not join a guild, or learn the Dark Arts? There will also be more spells to learn in the library of Diagon Alley.

If you did miss a spell from the textbooks, you can find the textbook in the library as well. Have fun!