Megaman Online

by Dixon
Defeat the bosses. Beat Wily. Go Home. Yea right!! Brought to you by Immortal Productions. [More]

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Date added: Jul 23 2004
Last updated: Jul 24 2004
Last played: Jan 30 2008
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Hello and welcome to Megaman Online!

The basics are, when you login simply hit 5 on the numpad with num lock off.
It will take you to a boss selection screen.
The only bosses in right now are Iceman, Bombman and Fireman, they will soon have Cutman, Elecman and Gutsman.

Following is the lsit of bosses in so far in this version:

To fire you use 9 on the numpad with the num lock off.
To slide along the ground only, use 1 on the numpad.
While in a stage press 5 on numpad to go back to the selection screen, it also saves.
Also while at selection screne press 5 to save.

This game has been brought to you by Immortal Productions (IP)

By Immortal Productions