Dragon Quest Heroes Destiny

by Dpheonix7
Dragon Quest Heroes Destiny
The long enjoyed peace has come to an end. Travel the world as you fight back the darkness in Dragon Quest Hero's Destiny. [More]
Version 5
Date added: Jun 10 2014
Last updated: Nov 5 2023
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byond://BYOND.world.1968800012 [DQHD Version 5.3]
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Do to lack of interest, the game is being canceled and will become a stand alone single player game. All future projects moved to Dragon Warrior 3 online https://www.byond.com/games/Dpheonix7/DragonWarrior3Online. You can experience an online world with other players. To continue having enjoyment of online Dragon Warrior, check out https://www.byond.com/games/8bitdream/ DragonWarriorShadowsofErdrick or https://www.byond.com/games/Floosh/DragonWarriorQuest too.

With the world tree under attack, travel the world to destroy an ancient evil. You don't have to go alone though. You can recruit others to help you, even other players. Up to four players can join together to bring peace to the world once again. Travel the world in this game based on the Dragon Quest series spanning from 1987 to now.

This game started production back in 2003 and was ported to Byond in 2004. Version 0 was built on the RPG maker system and brought to Byond as Dragon Warrior Hero's Legacy. Version 1 changed to Hero's Destiny and added the party system. At this time the game was heavily based around Dragon Warrior 3 and 4. Version 2 added many elements from later Dragon Quest games and Version 3 started adding some new elements. Version 4 adds elements from later Dragon Quest games such as Dragon Quest 9. Version 5 focuses on Dragon Quest 11.

Throughout this I used Dragon Warrior and Dragon Quest. Dragon Warrior is for those features only based on the original NES games. Dragon Quest 8 was the first of the series in the US to use the original title of Dragon Quest, so any reference to it is to state the newer games or the series as a whole.

Dragon Warrior and Dragon Quest are a trademark of Square Enix.


Dpheonix7: (Mar 28 2023, 1:34 pm)
The starting as a goof has been fixed. other things will be addressed later when I have more time
Ruesen: (Mar 23 2023, 2:50 pm)
-Starting as a Goof Off bugs in both versions. DW3 has you set to classless, regular game fixes stats but you can't open menu.

-When creating a Goof Off party member and choosing a monster, the monster goof off does not have a sprite; just invisible.

-Bark seems bugged at least in a 4 man party. Seems to always target 3rd in your party.

-Rest occasionally bugs in battle, unsure of the trigger. Refresh fixes it with no issues however.

-Tickle targets party members only, similar to bark.
Shadowbringer67: (Apr 4 2022, 7:06 pm)
have no idea where to go after magic key
Dpheonix7: (Feb 28 2021, 4:02 pm)
Fixed in 5.36. Please send bugs as a DM or page. I can respond and fix it quicker, plus the bug isnt shown on the front page
Ruesen: (Feb 28 2021, 1:53 pm)
Ran into a class change bug.

When you Go from being a Friar to a Tempest, your class becomes the "Tempst" class, which I assume will have no skills or stat bonuses. My assumtion comes from the fact that when he got a job level up, my "Tempst" did not receive any stat ups while the rest of the monks' final job classes did.

I don't think it's the entire Tempest class either; as you may know, my entire party is monks filling out all the monk final jobs. The character that was a Samurai changing into her final class clearly saw "Tempest" as an option, so I believe it's only an issue for those who were Friars previously that has this issue.

Clearly it's just a typo, I just ask if at some point we can correct my "Tempst" when possible. He hasn't had to learn any skills yet, so assuming a small change won't break code, seems to not be too hard a fix.