Paradise City

by Falacy
Welcome, to the last city on Earth.
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DreamDownload byond://Falacy.ParadiseCity##version=424

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Version 424
Date added: Mar 18 2007
Last updated: Jul 6 2023
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byond:// [Classic 2010 Edition (v402) 0/99 Players]
Hosted by Falacy

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Falacy: (Sep 24 2018, 7:07 pm)
Carlostoval wrote:
Paradise City is down AGAIN, eh? Down for good this time?

Just moved hubs because of BYOND issues
Can also get a standalone launcher at
Carlostoval: (Sep 23 2018, 8:46 am)
Paradise City is down AGAIN, eh? Down for good this time?
Arcane Hero: (Feb 28 2018, 11:27 pm)
This used to be one of my favorite BYOND games! :D
Carlostoval: (Sep 27 2017, 7:41 am)
Paradise City

* Medical Specialist
- Purpose: Provide Healing and Cures Infection.
- Primary Skill: Medkit(AOE) - Drops Healing Medkit
- Secondary Skill: Revive - Instantly help up incapacitated player
- Passive: Slowly Heals Anyone Within View

* Support Specialist
- Purpose: Provides AOE Buffs
- Primary Skill: Reduce Damage(AOE) - Temporary Damage Reduction
- Secondary Skill: Boost Damage(AOE) - Temporary Damage Boost
- Passive: Minor Damage Reduction and Boost

* Engineer Specialist
- Purpose: Repair Barricades and Build Items with Scrap
- Primary Skill: Repair - Repair Destroyed Objects Instantly
- Secondary Skill: Craft - Craft Armor, Ammunition, Barricades or Turrets with Scrap
- Passive: Passively Generate Scrap, Ability to Collect Scrap, Ability to Craft Items

* Ammunition Specialist
- Purpose: Provide Ammunition and Supply Drops
- Primary Skill: Ammunition Drop - Drops AOE Ammunition Kit (Fire, Acid, Piercing)
- Secondary Skill: Supply Drop - Call in a Supply Drop
- Passive: Ability to Craft Different Types of Ammunition

* Pyrotechnician
- Purpose: Use Fire to Kill the Undead
- Primary Skill: Flamethrower - Spawn a Rechargeable Flamethrower
- Secondary Skill: Molotov Cocktail - Toss Out a Molotov Cocktail
- Passive: Increased Damage with Fire

* Ninja
- Purpose: Use Stealth to Kill the Undead
- Primary Skill: Death Slash - Instantly Kill a Zombie
- Secondary Skill: Stealth Mode - Become Invisible
- Passive: Increased Movement Speed and Dodge Chance

* Commander
- Purpose: Train Soldiers and Call In Airstrikes
- Primary Skill: Call for SWAT Backup
- Secondary Skill: Call in Airstrike
- Passive: SWAT Kills Earn Gold

* Beserker
- Purpose: Use Brute Force to Overwhelm the Zombies
- Primary Skill: Shield Bash - Deal Massive Damage in an Arc
- Secondary Skill: Adrenaline Shot - Increased Attack Speed and Damage
- Passive: Increased Damage with Melee Weapons, Increased Resistances, Immunity to Infection

* Cryotech Specialist
- Purpose: Use Cryogeneics to Kill Zombies
- Primary Skill: Ice Ammo: Freezes Zombies (DOT Ammo)
- Secondary Skill: Ice Barricade - Explodes When Destroyed
- Passive: Damage Slows Down Zombies

* Demolition Specialist
- Purpose: Use Explosives to Kill Zombies
- Primary Skill: Explosive Ammo - Activates Self Explosive Ammo Which Does Small Impact AOE Damage
- Secondary Skill: Nuke - (90 Second Cooldown) Huge AOE Explosion Instantly Wipes Out Zombies
- Passive: Increased Area of Effect with Explosives

* Spellcaster
- Purpose: Use Spells to Kill Zombies
- Primary Skill: Shockwave - Deal Damage in a Massive AOE Stumbling Zombies for a Few Seconds
- Secondary Skill: Attack Speed Aura - AOE Ability That Grants Everyone In View an Attack Speed Buff
- Passive: Ability to Pass Through Mobs and Objects for a Short Time

Command Points:
*Dealership (Surrounded by a metal fence -- entrance is an electronic gate)
⦁ Different cars showcased within the command point (undriveable)
⦁ Vehicle NPC placed here, when CP lost -- lose NPC at the main shop area
⦁ When CP is recovered, respawn two vehicles and the NPC
⦁ Vehicles exclusively spawn here.

*Farm (Surrounded by a wooden fence)
⦁ Farm Equipment Scattered Around the CP
⦁ Defended by Farmers with Shotguns
⦁ Zombie Farm Animals Spawn Heavily Around This CP
⦁ Tractor Prop Exclusively Here

*Gas Station (Lightly Surrounded by Barricades)
⦁ Fuel Pump - Used to Fill up Vehicle With Gas
⦁ Fuel Pump Can Explode Dealing Massive Damage (Respawns when Recaptured)
⦁ Defend Instead the Convenience Store

*Police Station (Surrounded by Metal Fence)
⦁ Defended by Cop NPCs
⦁ Tons of Pistols and Low Grade Shoguns in the Police Armory
⦁ Cop Vans/SUVs/Cars Spawn Here. (Undriveable)

*Military Base (Surrounded by a Stone Wall, Barbed Wire Fence)
⦁ Defended by Soldiers and Turrets
⦁ Barbed Wire Does DOT Damage to Zombies
⦁ Military Zombies are Stronger
⦁ Higher Traffic of Military Zombies Near This Area
⦁ Has Props Such as Tanks(Undriveable), Sandbags, Tents, etc

*School (Lightly Guarded)
⦁ Defended by Cops, Soldiers, and Civilians
⦁ Contains Props Such as Desks, Chalkboards, Bathrooms, etc
⦁ Zombies are Teachers and Children

*Library (Lightly Guarded)
⦁ Defended by Civilians
⦁ Contains Props Such as Bookshelfs, Desks, Computers, etc
⦁ Military Zombies are Stronger
⦁ Higher Traffic of Military Zombies Near This Area

*Dam (Lightly Guarded)
⦁ Defended by Soldiers

*Mines (Lightly Guarded)
⦁ Defended by Miners with Tools
⦁ Contains Props Such as Pickaxes, Lamps, Explosives, Warning Signs
⦁ Zombies are Primarily Miners, Miners are Tougher Zombies

Additions to the Game:
⦁ "Iron Stomach" - Hunger Bar Drops Slower
⦁ "Desert Thirst" - Thirst Bar Drops Slower
⦁ "Insomniac" - Fatigue Bar Drops Slower
⦁ "Brute Force" - Increased Damage with Melee Weapons

⦁ Medkit - Heals 25% of Max HP
⦁ Lockpick - 10% Chance to Successfully Lockpick a Vehicle
⦁ Gas Cans - FIll Gas Cans to Fill Vehicle with Fuel
⦁ Food - Fills Hunger Bar
⦁ Filtered Water - Fills Thirst Bar
⦁ Useable Beds - Fills Fatigue Bar
⦁ Pets - Wide Variety of Pets That Fight For You (Can Die, use Medkits to Heal)
⦁ Wood, Ability to Cut Down Trees - Barricade Doors and Reinforce Barricades
⦁ Different Vehicles (Bonuses, Upgradeable with Armor & Weapons) -
- Police Vehicle (Medium HP, High Speed, Sirens)
- Tank (High HP, Low Speed, Cannon Shot)
- Motorcycle (Low HP, High Speed, Navigate Through Packs of Zombies)
- Minivan (Medium HP, Medium Speed, 8 Seats)
⦁ Body Armor - Purchaseable or crafted by engineers
⦁ Cooking - Craft Meals That Provide Massive Amounts of Nourishment
- Ramen
- Vegetable Soup
- Pizza
- Lasagna
- Burrito
- Cheeseburger
- Steak
- Porkchop
- Sushi
- Any Foods
⦁ Alchemy - Craft Potions That Provide Different Buffs
- Health Potion
- Accuracy Potion
- Damage Potion
- Regeneration Potion
- Antivirus

⦁ Weapons:
- Flamethrower
- M16
- Cryo Launcher(Launches Ice Mines)
- Grenade Launcher
- Tommygun
- .50 Cal
- M4A1
- Primitive Bow and Arrow
- Recurve Bow
- Elemental Bow
- Luger
- Katana
- Guitar
- Metal Pipe
- Claymore
- Literally Anything

- Soldier: Offers Military Grade Weaponry
- Realtor: Offers Different Sized Houses
- Car Salesman: Offers Wide Variety of Vehicles
- Shady Merchant: Offers Blackmarket Upgrades for Home, Vehicle, and Weapons
- Boss: Spawns Randomly Throughout the Map, Sometimes During a Horde

*Quests (Chance for class related or general quests)
⦁ Quests will reward you with xp as well as gold when completed.
⦁ Quest NPC located in the main part of the map

Quest Types:

General Quests:
- Kill X Amount of Zombies
- Capture X Amount of CPs
- Kill X Amount of Zombies with Throwables/Placeables
- Have X Amount of Gold in the Bank
- Deal X Amount of Damage to Bosses
- Deliver this Item to X
- Escort this NPC to X
- Restore Power to the Mines
- Restore Power to the Dam

Engineer Specialist:
- Repair X Amount of Barricades
- Repair X Amount of Damage
- Kill X Amount of Zombies with Turret
- Collect X Amount of Scrap
- Build X Amount of Barricades

Support Specialist:
- Reduce X Amount of Damage
- Boost X Amount of Damage

Medical Specialist:
- Heal X Amount of Damage
- Help Up X Amount of Players

- Kill X Amount of Zombies While Stealthed
- Remain Stealthed for X Amount of Time

- Train X Amount of Civilians
- Kill X Amount of Zombies With Swat Backup
- Kill X Amount of Zombies with the Airstrike

Ammunition Specialist
- Supply X Amount of Ammo
- Call in X Amount of Supply Drops

- Set Fire to X Amount of Corpses
- Kill X Amount of Zombies with Fire

- Kill X Amount of Zombies with your Riot Shield
- Tank X Amount of Damage
- Increase Attack Speed and Damage for X Amount of Time

- Kill X Amount of Zombies with Spells
- Deal X Amount of Damage with Spells

Demolition Specialist
- Kill X Amount of Zombies with your Nuke
- Kill X Amount of Zombies with Explosives
- Deal X Amount of Damage with Explosives


All items included are just a few things that I believe would be a nice addition to the game. It is in no way shape or form all of the ideas that I have for the game. This is simply a draft. I just wanted to give a few of the ideas that I had to see if they'd be something you're interested in.

I believe that there is a ton of potential for the XP system in regards to using character and weapon levels for an extensive perk tree. I can't think of too much for the XP system though. Passives and quests are also something that I can't really wrap my head around for this game. I know they're a great idea but personally I can't think of any quests other than the ones I posted. I would love to see quests in the game. I also believe that there is a ton of different items and things to do in the game such as cooking and alchemy.

There are a ton of Perks that could also be added but I can't think of too many.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Soul Crescent: (Sep 26 2017, 7:05 pm)
Love that the game is back, but it immediately died lmao. Kinda sad especially since the game is hella fun, hopefully there are people that will start joining the game who finds it fun.