Bleach Fight To The Death!

by Fatboy12
 Bleach Fight To The Death!
Fun, Based Off of An Old Source. Made Better Thanks To Alec94 [More]

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Version 1
Date added: Sep 17 2009
Last updated: Oct 18 2009
Last played: Oct 22 2009
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Main Owner: Itusan Key: Fatboy12

Owner: Ace Key: Alec94

Co-Owner: Jared Key:J-rodman

Player Rules:
Follow them ALL!
1. Be Respectful to all Players.(or mute of 5 min.,2nd time a Ban for 15min.)

2. Be Respectful to Host.(or Host Kick.,Then 15min Ban.)

3. Dont Beg For Gm.(Or Boot, 2nd Boot,Then Ban of 1 hour.)

4. Dont Beg For Ranks.(Ban of 15min.)

5. For Any Ranks Ask an Owner. or Certain Co-Owners.(Jared)

6.Leader Ranks May only Be Given By Itusan,Ace,or Jared.

7.Dont Beg For a Rankers Boost Nor! a Boost of Stats.(Muted for 15min.,if relogged 1hour added to your time.)

8.If An Leader Spot Is Filled The Chellenger Must be #1 and meet Req.Owner Must be on For Chellenge.

Gm Rules:
1. Be Nice To Players.(Boot+Strip 30min)

2. Be Respectful to Higher Gm's.(Striped+boot)

3. Be Helpful To Players.(perm Strip)

4. Respect Host.(Or else Host Ban...)


6.Must Follow Player rules Too.(player Consequences)

7. Must Be Active and On a MINIMUM of 30 Min. A Day.

Espada Pictures, Images and Photos

Espada Leader- 2m
Espada Co-Leader-1.5m
Espada #1- 1m
Espada #2- 900k
Espada #3- 800k
Espada #4- 700k
Espada #5- 600k
Espada #6- 500k
Espada #7- 400k
Espada #8- 300k
Espada #9- 200k
Espada #10-100k

bleach Pictures, Images and Photos

Squad Captains:
Squad 1- 1m
Squad 2- 950k
Squad 3- 900k
Squad 4- 800k
Squad 5- 900k
Squad 6- 1m
Squad 7- 800k
Squad 8- 950k
Squad 9- 750k
Squad 10- 800k
Squad 11- 1m
Squad 12- 850k
Squad 13- 950k

Squad lieutenants- Caps Choice lvls needed 300k

Squad 1-
Squad 2-
Squad 3-
Squad 4-
Squad 5-
Squad 6-
Squad 7-
Squad 8-
Squad 9-
Squad 10-
Squad 11-
Squad 12-
Squad 13-

vaizards Pictures, Images and Photos

Vaizard Leader- 1.1m
Vaizard Co-Leader -1m
Vaizard #9- 100k
Vaizard #8- 200k
Vaizard #7- 300k
Vaizard #6- 400k
Vaizard #5- 500k
Vaizard #4- 600k
Vaizard #3- 700k
Vaizard #2- 800k
Vaizard #1- 900k